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Gloucester County

Outdoor Lighting Design In Gloucester County

Did you know that American adults collectively spend more than 2.3 billion minutes on lawn care and 75 percent of U.S. adults think it’s important to spend time beautifying their yards?

Yet with all that hard work being spent many homes and landscapes are hidden once the sun goes down. We think that makes no sense! Why limit the enjoyment and beauty of your yard and home.

At Premier Outdoor Lighting, we know that outdoor and landscape lighting is one of the most effective ways to add beauty and value to your home. As Gloucester County top rated outdoor lighting specialists, we know that the secret is in the perfect placement of energy-efficient, light fixtures. This is where Premier Outdoor Lighting of Gloucester County separates itself from every other company. When you see how our professional lighting transforms your home, you’ll agree that our designs do more than illuminate. We will transform your home into an estate.

If your home and landscaping could talk, it would thank you for making it look so terrific!

Our professional outdoor lighting in Gloucester  County is tailored for :

  • Homes
  • Patios
  • Trees
  • Gardens/Landscaping
  • Fountains
  • Pathways
  • Gazebos

We are proud to offer:

  • Low-voltage installations
  • LED technology
  • Corrosion-proof fixtures, wires, and lamps
  • Energy-efficient fixtures

And yes, sometimes, things happen. We completely understand. That’s why we offer outdoor lighting warranty coverage in the case that something happens to your installation. We’ll fix it or replace it at no cost to you.


Our outdoor lighting systems utilize the highest quality fixtures in the industry with over 5,000 installations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. For years, we’ve been illuminating homes and properties of every size and any style. We have proudly been featured in the South Jersey Magazine, The Sun Newspapers, and a host of other outdoor living Magazines.

No two homes in Gloucester County are the same, so it’s hard to imagine what your unique property will look like with landscape lighting. That’s why we offer complimentary custom lighting design plans. One of our professional lighting designers will tour your property with you and discuss your needs, your preferences, and what you’re looking to achieve with your outdoor lighting project.

Called a few companies to get some lights for the front of my house. This company was great. Reasonably priced and got the job done quickly. Would highly recommend them!

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