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Creating Your Backyard Oasis: Deck & Patio Lighting

February 16, 2023

Deck and patio lights come in various styles and colors to fit any backyard theme or decor style. If you have been looking for premier outdoor lighting in Gloucester County, New Jersey, but don’t know where to start, here are some outdoor lighting solutions to create that perfect oasis right in your backyard.

Find The Best Lighting For Your Outdoor Space

When investing in outdoor lighting, you want to make sure you choose the right lights for your space. Whether you choose wall sconces, landscape lighting, or spotlights, you should choose something that features the parts of your house and the outdoor area you are most proud of.

Look for lighting that is low profile and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

You don’t want deck & patio lighting that is too large or bulky; you want the best fixtures that add style to your outdoor space. If the deck and patio are structurally sound, you can install deck lights directly into them to save space. However, if your deck isn’t up to par with decking composite materials, look for deck & patio lights that sit on top of a small stand so they aren’t too heavy. You can also add to your outdoor lighting project with ground lighting, accent lighting (to accent specific features of your outdoor living space), decorative lights, pathway lighting, or porch lights. Adding simple additions like these to your outdoor lighting design will add value and ambiance to your outdoor space and make it look beautiful at night.

Use solar-powered outdoor lighting to save money on electric bills.

Solar deck lights are perfect for outdoor lighting because they don’t necessarily need a lighting company to install them (you can DIY if you are handy). You can keep the deck & patio well-lit without having to pay large energy bills every month. Deck lamps with solar panels on top recharge during the day so that at night when it’s dark outside, your deck lights are ready to go.

Installing deck & patio lighting is an easy way to enhance your backyard oasis by creating a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere for you and your guests. The best outdoor lighting will create the perfect ambiance that everyone can enjoy during each New Jersey season. When friends visit your home to sit around on the deck furniture and enjoy a backyard fire, they’ll be impressed by the time and care you took to illuminate your outdoor space.

Lighting That Works Best for Outdoor Spaces

Here are some fun lighting options for your deck & patio lighting needs in Gloucester County, NJ:

String Lights

Sting lights are deck & patio outdoor lights shaped like a string of pearls or beads on a wire. String lights are statement lighting that provides just enough light to see the beautiful area you’ve created but not too bright to disturb your neighbors at night. String lights are easy to install; they are “budget-minded” lighting and make your space feel cozy.

Pergola Lighting

Pergolas are deck & patio structures that cover an outdoor dining or sitting area. You can add outdoor lighting and lighting fixtures to a pergola to enhance the relaxing ambiance and create your oasis in your backyard. Depending on what type of outdoor lighting you use, you might need professional outdoor lighting companies to help with installation. However, when done correctly, pergola outdoor lighting is a great way to decorate your deck & patio.

Patio Lanterns

Patio lanterns add a touch of beautiful style to your deck or pergola. They provide the perfect exterior lighting for any deck, and they work well with other decking materials such as wood, stone, brick, and concrete. Lanterns come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can come as metal fixtures, so you can find one that fits your deck & patio decor.

Under Umbrella Lights

Under an umbrella, lights sit underneath your outdoor umbrella. These patio lighting fixtures can create a beautiful pattern of light on your deck furniture for you to enjoy during those long New Jersey summer nights. This is another great way to decorate your deck & patio without taking up too much space and one that is easy to have an outdoor lighting services expert install.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting illuminates the ground, pathways, and landscaping features of your front yard, deck, or wherever else you have landscaping. In addition, you can use landscape deck lights to highlight different aspects of landscape designs like rocks, plants, or water fountains. This type of premier outdoor lighting is perfect for creating a dramatic effect on any deck design or garden lighting.

Add Decorative Pieces

In addition to premier outdoor lighting, you can add other decorative pieces like lanterns, lighting fixtures, candles, and plants to create a relaxing atmosphere for your deck or patio. For example, you can use potted flowers as unique deck & patio lights by placing them around the decking area with solar-powered deck lights inside of them. There are so many patio lighting options to choose from, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Minimize Glare & Be Mindful of Your Neighbors

Another deck & patio lighting tip is to choose light fixtures with a shade or cover. Shades are great for deck & patio lights because they will minimize glare while creating a more relaxed ambiance in your backyard.

Please don’t use too many large spotlights or bright lighting fixtures, as they can distract neighbors. Backyard lights are meant to be an enhancement, not a distraction. Unfortunately, deck lighting can also cause your deck or pergola’s ceiling to become too bright if you’re using too many deck lights, so careful planning is essential when decorating with deck lights.

Connect With Premier Outdoor Lighting For All Your Lighting Needs

If you’ve been looking for ways to improve the look of your backyard, deck and patio lighting may be just what you need. Choose the correct type of lights to create a fun and inviting space in your outdoor living area. Premier Outdoor Lighting can help you learn about safety concerns that come along with outdoor lighting installation and provide helpful advice from an expert on how best to maintain your lighting. For more information on outdoor lighting systems, contact the experts at Premier Outdoor Lighting in New Jersey. Call us today at 856-348-5543.

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