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Achieving Great Curb Appeal With Landscape Lighting

February 14, 2023

Have you ever walked by a house in your South Jersey neighborhood and thought to yourself, “Wow, that is such an amazing looking home”? It can be gratifying when we see this type of reaction from people walking by our own homes. One way to make your home look its best is landscape lighting. Landscape lighting will not only make your yard glow in the evening hours, but it can also help improve curb appeal and take your Camden County, NJ home to the next level.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Provides a Warm, Welcoming Vibe To Your Home

Landscape lighting is one way you can create a welcoming appearance to your home by highlighting landscape features to make them stand out. Installation of outdoor lighting systems will also keep your Camden County home safe from intruders by making it more difficult to hide in the shadows when the lights are turned on. Whether you are looking to sell your home or make simple improvements to your Camden County, New Jersey home, adding landscape lighting to the outside of your home is a simple and effective way to warm up the space. 

Installation can be done by a professional who knows exactly how to light up your property and landscaping to make it look great. Be sure to turn on your outdoor lighting during the evening hours when it will look its best. A dark home at nighttime could look appealing to intruders! Make sure landscape lights are turned on from dusk until dawn to see your landscape features more easily. If you have security cameras installed, make sure they match up with landscape lamps for maximum coverage of your property.

Types of Outdoor Lighting for Your Camden County Home

There are many different landscaping lights and lighting options to choose from that will improve the look of your home or business. Your landscape design and style should determine which type of outdoor lighting your property would benefit from the most. Here are a few of the main types of outdoor lighting you could choose to complete your landscape design.


Achieving Great Curb Appeal With Landscape Lighting


Spotlights are outdoor lighting options that direct beams of light in a specific direction. Spotlight lamps come with adjustable heads and can easily be adjusted to shine the right amount of light exactly where you want it. They can also add ornamental value by highlighting landscape features like trees, fountains, or other landscape elements. They can provide your property with added security by illuminating particular parts of your home to deter thieves.


Floodlights are lamps that cast a wide glow of light over your home or landscaping. They are usually used for general lighting over your patio or backyard or to highlight landscape features like trees, bushes, and fountains. Proper lawn care and landscaping are essential to get the full effect of floodlights.

Accent Lights

Accent landscape lighting highlights specific areas of the landscape. These lamps are usually mounted on walls or ceilings and can be set to a timer for convenience. Outdoor accent lighting looks great around the patio, entryways, and gardens.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Outdoor motion sensor lights turn on when they detect movement. Since they are only on when movement is detected, the battery life lasts longer than if they were on continuously. Most deck lighting has motion sensors to deter thieves from entering. Many people also choose to put motion sensor lights on their front porch or over the entryway to their garage.

Ensure You Have the Right Amount of Lighting

To ensure that landscape lighting makes a positive impact on your home and property, you need to make sure the amount of light is right for your landscaping. Make sure your lamps are spaced out properly so each landscape element can be easily seen. Too little lighting may not be enough to see outside at night, while too much could create glare on windows or security cameras. If you live in a residential neighborhood, too much lighting at night could bother neighbors.

Placement of Landscaping Lights

The outdoor lighting you choose for your home should be placed to best highlight landscape elements at night. Make sure your landscape lights are close enough to the focal point of landscaping features so that people will notice them more easily; when walking by or driving past your property, schedule regular lawn care maintenance to ensure that your lights are working correctly.

Cost of Landscape Lighting in Camden County, NJ

Landscaping lights are an excellent option for homeowners in Camden County looking to boost their home’s curb appeal without spending too much money. Outdoor lighting systems can be an affordable option for homeowners. 

In addition, landscape lighting is available in all price ranges, so finding something that fits your budget should not be an issue. When choosing which type of lights you want, there are many options and styles. In addition, most newer lighting fixtures are energy efficient. So when deciding on lighting, search for something with energy cost savings, which should also be considered when determining installation and costs. Installation of outside lights is relatively easy, requires minimal maintenance, and lasts for many years if they are well taken care of. Having a trusted and experienced professional landscaping company performs regular maintenance on your lighting will give you peace of mind that your investment is being properly cared for. 

There is no better way to achieve great curb appeal at your Camden County, NJ home than with landscape lighting than through a professional installation company like Premier Outdoor Lighting. Our New Jersey team of installers has the knowledge, equipment, and hard work ethic to tackle any project. As a result, our company provides top-quality landscape lights that produce impressive results for homeowners across Gloucester County, Burlington County, Atlantic County, and Camden County, NJ. To learn more about landscape lighting, installation, and maintenance or schedule an appointment, visit us at Premier Outdoor Lighting today!

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